Custom Websites

Mobile-Friendly Websites Designed Specifically for Commercial Businesses

After completing our Website Design Questionnaire and having an online Planning Meeting with our Project Manager and Designer, we will create a custom professional website that meets your business' specific needs. Our customer service team will train you how to easily keep your new website up-to-date utilizing our built-in Content Manager as well as how to use our other features.

Commercial Website Features and Software Configurations Basic Standard Deluxe
Website Design
Our design experts will work one-on-one with you to develop a mobile-friendly website that is tailor-made to fit your needs. Learn more about the Website Development Process.
Custom Custom Custom
Initial Loading of Content
We will populate your new website with new content or migrate content from your existing site utilizing our Content Management System. We will train your staff or volunteers on how to populate the remaining pages, or we can provide you with a quote to do these remaining pages for you.
Up to 5 pages (includes home page, about, services, products, and contact) Up to 20 pages Up to 40 pages
Web Hosting Package
The amount of storage space and mailboxes is determined by the web space offered in the web hosting package selected.
  • Basic Package - It accommodates most business' needs - 8 GB of storage and 20 POP mailboxes with email forwarding.
  • Enhanced Package - It is recommended for businesses storing a large number of video and audio files and requiring additional POP mailboxes.
Basic Basic Enhanced
Customer/Client Database
Your current customer and prospective customer data (limited to one file, up to 50 fields wide) will be converted and loaded into your database. There is an extra setup cost for files with more than 50 fields wide, and this fee is determined after analyzing a sample of your data.
Up to 200 records included Up to 400 records included Up to 800 records included
Advanced Software Configuration
We will configure your account to meet your business' specific needs (custom data fields, broadcast email messages, eNewsletter, merchant accounts, etc.).
2 hours 4 hours 6 hours
Payment Processing
If your business wants to offer online payments for Online Store purchases, you will need to have a credit card merchant account or PayPal account. Please visit our Payment Processing webpage to see if your current provider is a supported gateway; if not, there will be an additional $435 initial setup cost to integrate with your provider.
Add $100 for supported gateways to the Total Package price below

Add $435 for new gateway integration to the Total Package price below
Add $100 for supported gateways to the Total Package price below

Add $435 for new gateway integration to the Total Package price below
Supported gateways included

Add $435 for new gateway integration to the Total Package price below
Online Training Sessions
We offer an extensive online help system and provide ticket-based email and phone support, but an online training session is very helpful in introducing the software modules and their respective features to new clients. These sessions will be recorded and placed in your File Archive for reference later. As needed, additional sessions can be purchased later through the ticket system
2 sessions 3 sessions 3 sessions
Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
You need to make sure customers are quickly finding your website. Since SEO is a complex topic, an effective long-term optimization strategy can be time-intensive. We can tailor this strategy to your business' unique needs.
  • Google Analytics - We will setup your website with analytics as well as the initial search engine registration.
  • Basic SEO Service - This includes a simple open and click-through report as well as keywords and search phrases being used on each of your webpages.
  • Advanced SEO Analysis - We will provide a detailed monthly report of your search engine rankings with recommended strategies to improve your results as well as an ongoing monthly search engine ranking report.
Google Analytics only Google Analytics

Basic SEO Service
Google Analytics

Basic SEO Service

Advanced SEO Analytics
Total Package Price
(one-time initial setup cost)
$2,000 $2,600 $3,500